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Tim Hardaway Jr. NBA Draft Potential and Projections

March 12, 2013

6’6 shooting guard Predictions as of March 12th, 2013

Tim Hardaway Jr. will likely make the NBA as a bench player for most of his career.  Hardaway might squeak a few years of being a rotation player.

I love Hardaway’s potential.  From an eye-test, he has the athleticism, height, and the game of an NBA shooting guard.  Expect Hardaway to be drafted in the bank end of the first round to early second round.

However, here are the warnings signs below:

  • Lacks aggression.  For his talent level, he is on the passive side.  Only shoots 1.2 more field goal attempts as a junior compared to as a freshman. It’s one thing if he shoots too much, but he doesn’t. Passive players don’t generally get anywhere unless talent is overwhelming.  He is very talented but not overwhelmingly talented.
  • Stagnant production.  Sure, there is slight increase in rebounds and shooting percentage.  However, he only averages 1 more point per game as a junior compared to as a freeman.
  • Good but not great shooter.  He takes 12 shots per game. 5 of those 12 shots are three pointers.  42% of his shots are three-pointers.  This is a very high ratio and suggest the he is a specialist. Yet, he only shoots 38% from behind the arc.

Hardaway can be a specialist in the next level.  He can become a three-point shooter that plays solid defense.  Unfortunately, he isn’t an exceptional shooter at the moment and isn’t anything special on the defensive end.

Luckily for Hardway Jr., he has the name of his father and the genes to keep general managers interested.  It doesn’t hurt that he appears to be a good young man as well.  What this means for him is that he’ll continue to get chances.  Who knows? Maybe something will light a fire on Hardaway and he suddenly plays to his talent level.  Maybe he needs to stay for his senior year and learns to become a go-to-guy. A part of me wonders what if he played in a smaller school where he was forced to become the focus of the offense.  I am rooting for him but your personality usually dictates who you are.


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