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Charlotte Bobcats 2013 NBA Draft Possibilities

March 11, 2013

Bobcats 2013 NBA Draft Rankings as of March 11th

Given that the Bobcats will probably finish last, the worst draft position for them is likely no. 4.  Below is how I would rank if I were the Bobcats.  I’m not saying this is what they would do.

  1. Nerlens Noel, Kentucky (Possibility Score: 8)
  2. Anthony Bennett, UNLV (Possibility Score: 7)
  3. Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State (Possibility Score: 5)
  4. Shabazz Muhammad, UCLA (Possibility Score: 5)
  5. Ben McLemore, Kansas (Possibility Score: 8)

Let’s evaluate each player and analyze the probability from a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest.

How I formulated my rankings

Where do we begin? The Bobcats have a lot of problems.  They are 4th to last in points per game.  They are last in point differential by a wide margin. They are 3rd to last in points allowed per game. They are last in rebounds and assist differential as well.  It is pretty apparent that they have both offensive and defensive issues.

Let’s take a look at their roster.

Backcourt: You have a glut of decent guards in Kemba Walker, Ramon Sessions, Ben Gordon, Gerald Henderson, and Jeffrey Taylor.  Sessions, Gordon and Henderson have expiring contracts after the 2013-2014 season so trade opportunities are there.

Frontcourt: Their frontcourt is clearly their biggest problem. No NBA frontcourt should ever feature Biyombo and Mullens together.  They are two decent players but if one of them is your best big man then you have problems.

If you look at their roster and compare it to the Milwaukee Bucks who also feature a lackluster frontline of Larry Sanders and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, they are actually fairly comparative.  Yet, the Bucks post a .500 record at this point in the season.  The Bucks are better with the Jennings-Ellis combination as compared to the Bobcats Walker-Henderson combination.  More significantly, the Bucks actually play better defense.  This also hints that the Bobcats may need a better coach or a coach that they will listen to.  However, the Bobcats should not aspire to become the .500 record Milwaukee Bucks.  All I’m saying is that they seem to be vastly underperforming.

Though their backcourt is not the greatest, the frontcourt is way more of an issue.  The way to build the frontcourt is through the draft or through trades.  Free agency isn’t the best idea since they would probably have to overpay.  At this moment, the Bobcats are likely not a destination of choice of free agents. They could trade one of their expiring contracts such as Ben Gordon.  However, how much value does he really have if they can’t even get Kris Humphries for him?  For the Bobcats, the way to build their frontcourt is simply through the draft.

Let’s take a look at all Bobcats possibilities for the 2013 NBA Draft

Marcus Smart (Scouting Report)

Possibility score: 5

As mentioned above, the Bobcats have a glut of guards and really need frontcourt help. I have Smart possibly developing as the clear cut no. 1 pick we get closer to the draft.  Smart has a chance to become the next Deron Williams. If Smart does emerge, this is a possibility and intriguing.  Theoretically, they could move Kemba to shooting guard on offense.  Smart is a big point guard and could guard the opposing shooting guard on offense.  A small backcourt isn’t exactly ideal.  However, if you think you’ve found a star, you go ahead and do it.

Nerlens Noel

Possibility score: 8

This makes a lot of sense for the Bobcats.  It’s just too bad he tore his ACL.  Drafting Noel still makes sense since players now do successfully comeback from ACL surgeries.  Noel’s youth should help his recovery.  I like Noel for the Bobcats because he brings things that the Bobcats need.  First, he brings defensive intensity.  The Bobcats are terrible defensively and the presence of Noel should help them improve.  Second, he adds character to a dysfunctional team.  Noel along with Kidd-Gilchrist should slowly continue to change the Bobcats culture for the better.

Anthony Bennett (Scouting Report)

Possibility score: 7

Offensively, Bennett is the most talented big man in this draft.  While Noel brings defensive prowess, Bennett brings an offensive presence.  Anthony Bennett looks like Larry Johnson in his prime. I still like Noel better for the Bobcats as he can change their culture.  I like Smart over Bennett for the same reason.

Ben McLemore

Possibility score: 8

This definitely is a possibility given how high McLemore’s stock is at the moment.  McLemore has an upside of the next Ray Allen. As explained above, I don’t think drafting a shooting guard is the best fit.

Shabazz Muhammad (Scouting Report)

Possibility score: 5

Muhammad’s stock is not as high as McLemore’s at the moment.  I like Shabazz over McLemore in general.  Similar to what I’ve mentioned about McLemore, a shooting guard is not the best fit given their significant frontcourt issues.

Otto Porter Jr.

Possibility score: 3

Porter plays the same position that Kidd-Gilchrist plays so this is unlikely.


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