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NBA Draft 2013: Anthony Bennett deserves No. 1 Pick consideration

March 10, 2013

Anthony Bennett is already projected to go somewhere between the 4th to the 7th pick range.  There is no talk of him possibility going no. 1 at the moment.  My question is why not?  If he were wearing a Duke, Tarheel or Kenticky uniform instead, would we be talking differently? My guess is yes.  His talent is overwhelming.  The guy is powerful.  He can score from the post.  He can take his man off the dribble.  He has range.  He has a motor.  How many guys have we seen be able to do this in recent years? Bennett looks like a faster Larry Johnson in his prime.  We are not talking about the New York Knicks version of LJ.  Think Grandmama and Charlotte Hornets version of Larry Johnson.  You can also think of Bennett as a more skilled version of Elton Brand in his prime.  Didn’t both LJ and Brand go number 1 overall? In a year without a clear cut no. 1 so far, why isn’t Bennett being considered?

When was the last time a player for a mid-major conference with some but not a whole lot of national hype get drafted very high? Damian Lilliard and look he has turned out so far.  There was Jimmer Fredette and Adam Morrison but they received national media attention because their teams were ranked high nationally and they were scoring a boatload of points.  How about Paul George? He’s turning out to be pretty good and is the first all-star from his draft class.

If UNLV makes a surprisingly deep run in the tournament, then Bennett as the no. 1 pick might gather steam.  However, it doesn’t look like the Rebels are going deep.  I’m not saying he should go no. 1. I’m just saying his name deserves to be mentioned.

See Anthony Bennett NBA projection.


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