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NBA Draft 2013: Marcus Smart’s Shooting Ability

March 2, 2013

Marcus Smart’s draft stock is on the rise.  ESPN’s Chad Ford has him as the no. 3 prospect overall. As I examine his numbers, I am concerned about his shooting ability for the following reason:

  • Only shooting 40% from the field and 30% from behind the arc.
  • Usually shooting percentages go down when college players go to the NBA.  His numbers are already pretty low.
  • Only takes 11 shots per game.  Usually as top players mature, they take a larger role in the offense.  They end up shooting more and a drop in shooting percentage occurs because of it.  His shooting percentages are already low so if it dips any further it is going to be awful.

On the flip side, he does seem to have a decent shooting stroke, which is supported by his 78% from the foul line.  Deron Williams wasn’t statistically a good shooter at Illinios but his decent stroke eventually developed in the NBA.  Deron was slightly better than Marcus by shooting 42% from the field and 37% from behind the arc. Even if he doesn’t significantly improve his shooting, he can still be effective.  See John Wall. I think Smart’s shooting percentage will eventually rise and become decent.  However, the numbers don’t indicate the makings of a great shooter here.


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