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NBA Draft 2013: Ben McLemore versus Shabazz Muhammad

February 28, 2013

Shabazz Muhammad

It’s close but I would take Shabazz Muhammad over Ben McLemore. McLemore is more athletic and is the better shooter.   Yet, if I were to start a team from scratch and have to pick either Muhammad or McLemore, I would go with Shabazz.  I pick Shabazz for the following reasons:

1. Style of Play

Shabazz is a skillful scorer with an arsenal of ways to score.  See his scouting report. McLemore, is pretty much a three-point shooter. Don’t get me wrong. McLemore probably has the ability if he works on it. However, his preference is to shoot the 3 as supported by the fact that 41% of his total shot attempts are 3-pointers. In the end, shooting 3s is a habit. It’s hard to break especially if the habit is a very good one making at a clip of 42%.

What’s wrong with shooting the 3? Nothing is wrong with that.  However, it’s a personal preference. I like players that can score in a variety of ways as well as be able to get to the foul line.  Teams can run an offense through a player easier with more offensive weapons.  To me, it’s advantage Shabazz.

2. Shabazz’s ceiling over McLemore’s ceiling

Shabazz’s ceiling is James Harden while McLemore’s ceiling is Ray Allen. Though I think both don’t quite get there, I think they still turn out to be very good NBA players. Like I said above, I like players that can generate offense for the team.  It makes it easier on the team and that guy is Shabazz.

3. McLemore is a riskier choice

It comes back to their ceiling once again.  If Shabazz turns mediocre and inefficient, he can at least score.  If McLemore turns mediocre by not turning out to be as good of a shooter, then it is trouble as the best part of is game is no longer exceptional. I still think McLemore turns out to be a very good shooter.  However, asking him to shoot as good as Ray Allen is asking for a lot.

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