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NBA Draft 2013: Ben McLemore Comparison to Ray Allen

February 23, 2013

The more and more tape I watch on Kansas guard Ben McLemore, the more and more he reminds me of a young Ray Allen.  They move around the court similar.  There is even some similarity with the way they shot.  They’re both 6’5.  Allen is listed at 205 while McLemore is at 195.   McLemore is still young and will probably fill out at around the same weight as Allen.

However, I just can’t help and think how difficult it is to become the next Ray Allen. If you look at the list of all-time 3-point scoring leaders and combine that with their overall game, only one other shooting guard comes close to Allen and that is Reggie Miller.  Allen did not become one of the greatest shooters all-time through talent alone.  Allen admits he has “borderline OCD” which makes sense why he is known to have a legendary work ethic.

After examining the numbers, Ben McLemore isn’t quite like Ray Allen.  Click here if you want to read a more detailed analysis of the comparison.  His overall game will likely be not as good.  He also does not appear to be as aggressive. He will be a really good shooter but it’s unlikely to reach Ray Allen level as you need to have borderline OCD to get there.

However, he does have a chance to become one of the best shooters in his era.  Players that can shoot that high of a free throw percentage are usually pure shooters.  Combine that with his athleticism and you have an above average NBA starting shooting guard.

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