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Nerlens Noel’s injury: NBA Draft 2013 impact

February 16, 2013

Nerlens Noel

Consensus belief at the moment is that Noel’s injury will not affect his draft stock all that much.  The statement maybe true but the injury definitely changes some things.

Nerlens Noel chances of being the no. 1 pick

Despite a still positive outlook on his draft stock even after the injury, the injury will affect his chances of being the no. 1 overall pick.  Even before the injury, the belief is that though Noel could go number 1, he is not a franchise level prospect like Anthony Davis.  This puts more pressure on the team drafting number one overall on whether they could really spend the 1st overall pick on a player coming of ACL injury.  Teams drafting number 1 overall are usually terrible and can’t afford to miss on their draft pick.  The injury definitely puts a dent on his chances of going first overall.  However, his chances of being drafted in the top 5 are still very good.

Charlotte Bobcats

If the Charlotte Bobcats end up winning the no. 1 pick overall, they will be put in a very difficult position.  Before the injury, the general consensus is that Noel, Muhammad, and McLemore are the top 3 players.   The Bobcats have a lot of wing players already and really need a big man.  McLemore and Muhammad will become very good players but they just don’t fill as huge of a need as Noel would.  Noel was a really good pick but drafting a big man coming of an ACL injury number one overall for a struggling franchise is just a difficult choice to make.

Anthony Bennett

Noel’s injury now makes Anthony Bennett the best healthy big man in this draft class.  If the Bobcats drop around the 3rd or 4th pick, the Bobcats are definitely a possible landing spot from him.

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