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2013 NBA Mock Draft

February 16, 2013

Mock NBA Draft 2013 Lottery

Update through All-star break and considers the Nerlens Noel injury.

No. 1: Charlotte Bobcats

Nerlens Noel, C, Kentucky

Best of luck to the Charlotte Bobcats.  They really need to take the best big man in this coming draft and that should have been Nerlens Noel.  Now, they face the pressure of drafting a big man coming of an ACL injury.  The Bobcats just can’t afford an injury prone no. 1 pick.  Players now come back from ACL surgeries.  It’s just too bad they are put in this spot.  McLemore and Muhammad are very good players.  They just don’t fill that huge of a need.  This has to be Noel for now but the injury makes this difficult to make.

No. 2: Orlando Magics

Shabazz Muhammad, SG/SF, UCLA (See Scouting Report and Prediction)

Orlando is a rebuilding team and need to take the best player available regardless of position.  It’s going to be between Muhammad and McLemore.  I like Shabazz over McLemore in general because of his ability to create shots a little better.

No. 3: Washington Wizards

Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas

Muhammad is really the better fit for the Wizards since he fills a position need a little better.  McLemore and Beal also have similar games.  McLemore is the best player at this point but this is not the best of fits.  Porter and Bennett are definitely in play here.

No. 4: Cleveland Cavaliers

Otto Porter Jr, SF, Georgetown

I think the Cavaliers could use an upgrade at the small forward position more than any other position.  They have used first round picks in the last 2 drafts to fill the other 4 starting positions.  The Cavs have the undersized Alonzo Gee starting at small forward. This draft happens to have a very talented small forward in Otto Porter.  He is a great fit for this team.  He can do a little bit of everything offensively and defensively.  He complements scorers Irving and Waiters nicely. Anthony Bennett and Cody Zeller are may be available but Otto’s talent combined with positional need makes this the pick.

No. 5: Phoenix Suns

Anthony Bennett, PF, UNLV (See Scouting Report and Prediction)

It’s time for the Suns to just blow up their team and they probably will.  They have good solid NBA players (Luis Scola and Jared Dudley) that are great to surround young talented team.  The problem is that they don’t have young talent.   They just signed Goran Dragic and drafted Kendall Marshall last offseason so they should stay away from drafting a point guard.  Other than that, the Suns should take the best player available.  With Anthony Bennett, they get second version of healthy Elton Brand with wider range and better ballhandling.

No. 6: Sacramento Kings

Marcus Smart, PG, Oklahoma State

With new ownership coming, this current team is probably going to get blown up.   They should take the best player available.  Marcus Smart is a power point guard.  Not only is he physically gifted but also a high character player as well.

No. 7: New Orleans Pelicans

Alex Len, C, Phoenix

The Pelicans could draft a point guard, a shooting guard or a small forward.  Small forward is the biggest upgrade need as Al Farouq Aminu hasn’t given them much other than athleticism and rebounding.  The Pelicans might be fine at the point guard position for now with a breakout year from Greivis Vazquez. At shooting guard, Eric Gordon seems unhappy in being a Pelican so he may be moved.  The Pelicans started playing significantly better with Gordon in the line-up, which goes to show how much they need a difference-making scorer.  The Pelicans could use Muhammad, McLemore or Porter but at least in this mock draft, those players are gone.  At this point, they have to go with most talented which is Alex Len

No. 8: Minnesota Timberwolves

Cody Zeller, C, Indiana

Pekovic is a free agent and Love doesn’t necessarily have the best relationship with management.  A big guy seems needed in this spot.  Zeller is a skilled 7-0 with excellent footwork, speed and ball handling ability.  I am worried about his weak defensive rebounding (only 6’8 winspan) and lack of use of his jump shot.  He has one but doesn’t use it. He will need it in the next level.  Regardless, a skilled big man is hard to find.  However, don’t be surprised if the Wolves go Carter-Williams since they just love guards.  It is time to put an end on the Luke Ridnour is a shooting guard experiment.

No. 9: Detroit Pistons

Michael Carter Williams, PG, Syracuse

I’ve never really been a fan of Brandon Knight as a pure point guard.  He is more of a scorer.  Since Jose Calderon’s arrival, Knight has been playing off the ball a little more.  With Calderon possibly leaving via free agency and that Carter-Williams is one of the best available, drafting Carter Williams here makes sense.

No. 10: Oklahoma City Thunder

Jeff Withey, C, Kansas (See Scouting Report and Prediction)

Oklahoma City gets this pick from the James Harden trade. I really think it’s difficult for Oklahoma City to take a raw and developing player since they are NBA contenders every year as long as Durant and Westbrook are teammates.  I don’t think a lot of people rate Withey as high as I do, but he is an NBA starting center.   In a league where back-up centers get paid a lot, drafting one that is a legitimate defensive presence is a bargain here.

No. 11: Philadelphia 76ers

Isaiah Austin, C, Baylor

Andrew Bynum may leave this offseason via free agency.  Even if he doesn’t leave, the 76ers need depth at the position given Bynum’s recent injury history.  Isaiah Austin is raw but has a lot of upside.  It’s a risk worth taking.

No. 12: Dallas Mavericks

Victor Oladipo, SG, Indiana

The Dallas Mavericks will draft best player available regardless of position.  They also love athletes.  Victor Oladipo is both.  Oladipo is a high flyer and a lockdown defender.  He is a very efficient player.  His weakest part of his game is his shooting, which he has improved a lot.

No. 13: Phoenix Suns

Archie Goodwin, SG, Kentucky

After taking a center with the earlier pick, Phoenix needs to pick up a young wing for their rebuilding process.  Archie Goodwin is a scorer with a relentless motor and ability to get to the basket.  He is raw but should continue to get better.

No. 14: Charlotte Bobcats

James McAdoo, PF, North Carolina

The Bobcats need to continue to shore up their frontcourt.  James McAdoo has underachieved so far this season but he is a very good rebounder with a developing offensive game.


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