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Shabazz Muhammad: 2013 NBA Draft Projection and Scouting Report

February 4, 2013

shabazz muhammad

6’6 shooting guard
225 pounds Career Prediction – February 3, 2013 projects Shabazz Muhammad to be a multi-year All-Star in the NBA.  He should become a 20-point a game scorer in the NBA and will be in the top 10 scoring leaders in the peak of his career with some seasons cracking the top 5.  Expect Shabazz to have a career production with peaks and dips similar to Vince Carter. Some may compare him to James Harden but he is actually closer to a less athletic version of Vince Carter.  He should be an elite scorer.  However, like most scorers, Shabazz’s will receive more credit than he deserves.  Most scorers are not efficient and do not necessarily make other players around them better despite having the ability to do so.  Regardless, Shabazz deserves to be in the top 3 selections of the NBA Draft 2013 and should be taken ahead of Kansas’ Ben McLemore.

The good

  • Floaters.  It’s a difficult skill and Shabazz is pretty impressive at it.  He uses his floater from the post, off the screen and off the dribble
  • Spot up shooting. Shabazz has been a pretty good stand still shooter.  This is evident at UCLVA when receiving passes from point guard Larry Drew
  • Three pointers. Through this point of his freshman season, Shabazz has been shooting a decent percentage from behind the arc
  • Post up. He catches the ball from the low block, turns and ends up using his floater
  • Offensive rebounding. Shabazz crashes the offensive board at a high frequency.  Through 19 games this season, he averages more offensive rebounds that defensive rebounds which is unusual.  The sample size is small but the takeaway is that Shabazz does go get offensive rebounds.

The disappointment

  • Fast break finishes.  Doesn’t finish at a high level on the break.  For a player with his athleticism, he should be finishing better.  He needs to develop his strength. However, it is surprising that isn’t a strength of his game.
  • Low Assists. He averages less than an assist a game.  This is alarmingly low.  There is a reasonable explanation for it.  Shabazz is currently playing within the system.  When he catches the ball, he doesn’t hold to the ball too long.  He either gets his shot off or he passes it back out to reset the play. He doesn’t dribble drive and kick resulting to not many assists.  When he does attempt to pass the ball, his accuracy is a little off and his teammates are not used to it that it ends up being a turnover.  Still, less than 1 assist a game is very low, especially when comparing to Kansas’ Ben McLemore who is also a system player.

The untapped

  • Dribble Drive Penetration and a Pull-up Jumper off the dribble. At UCLA and through 19 games he has played, Shabazz’s has not demonstrated much of this skill.  Most NBA scorers at least can get to the basket and draw a foul or hit a pull-up jumper of the dribble.  It is concerning that Shabazz has not displayed this at UCLA.  It may have a lot to do with the college basketball game that isn’t conducive to this style of play.  Vince Carter didn’t really show most of his NBA one-on-one skills in North Carolina. I tried looking for a Shabazz high school video on youtube and I did find his ability to do both skills that he currently does not use that much at UCLA.  This ability is likely to

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