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Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 2012 Prediction 2.0

July 15, 2012

My original prediction was that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be an all-star for many years in the NBA.  On my original rankings, I had MKG ahead of Anthony Davis.  I’ve decided to move him below Anthony Davis because I have a serious concern about his shooting stroke, which I will talk about below. more specific prediction as of July 15, 2012

My revised prediction is a little more specific.  MKG will likely become an All-star in his 3rd or 4th seasons, which should coincide with his team becoming a winning team.  Once he makes his first all-star team, expect MKG to be a fixture on the team.  Once the Bobcats turn into a top 8 NBA winning team, expect MKG to receive a lot of praise and publicity turning him into a near superstar.  However, the playoffs will come and once the Bobcats make a deep playoff run, the top teams will expose his shooting stroke issues. His shooting stroke is the only think that is stopping him from becoming a superstar.  Kidd-Gilchrist should also be a fixture on the USA basketball team because of his style of play that suits well to high intensity games and as a player with a game that complements scorers very well.

Kidd-Gilchrist NBA comparison

Kidd-Gilchrist can be compared to Andre Igoudala of the Philadelphia 76ers.  Igoudala is more athletic, the better shooter and passer.  However, MKG will get to the rim and draw a lot of fouls in a more consistent basis.  Though Igoudala has a lot more athletic ability, MKG’s production will be better than Igoudala’s.


  • Defensive versatility – MKG can guard multiple positions.  He can guard point guards and even some power forwards.  This is very valuable in today’s NBA game where the game is a lot faster and small line-ups are more prevalent.
  • Attack mode – MKG is constantly in attack mode.  He attacks in every aspect of basketball.  He attacks on fast breaks, half court sets, for offensive and defensive rebounds. He also attacks defensively by putting a lot of pressure to whomever he is guarding.  Some players are really only on attack mode offensively such as Austin Rivers.  MKG attacks in all facets of the game.
  • Team first attitude – At Kentucky, he once gave up his place on the starting line-up to jumpstart a struggling Darius Miller.  Not a whole of players do that.  He takes team first attitude to a whole new level.
  • Relentless motor and passion for the game – You can probably say that other players have a relentless motor and passion for the game like MKG, such as a Tyler Hansbrough. The difference between him and a Hansbrough is that Kidd-Gilchrist is one of the best players of his team while Tyler is an off the bench player.  This is especially important because all players look at their team leaders and it becomes infectious.  Substitute players do have some impact but not as much as the team leaders.


Shooting stroke.  Shooting stroke.  Shooting stroke.  See Michael Kidd-Gilchrist youtube video on his shooting stroke.  Watch how he rises with the basketball but brings it down to finish his stroke.  His shot is not fluid.  His release point is too low.  He might work hard enough to make this shot consistently when open but giving him that is a tad bit generous.  However, his shoot will be challenged and exposed more in the NBA.  With a not so fluid and low release point, his shooting stroke will remain very inconsistent.  The combination of his stroke and facing quality NBA defenders will result to Kidd-Gilchrist having a consistently poor outside game.  His shooting stroke issue is similar to Tim Tebow’s throwing motion.  It is very hard to fix, and even harder for basketball.

In most nights, his very good ability in getting to the rim will more than make up for his shooting weaknesses. A very good defender or very good defensive teams and schemes will force him to become a jump shooter.  This is why I predict him that he will do very well but get exposed on a deep playoff run where they face good defensive teams.

Another problem area that Kidd-Gilchrist will initially have is offensive fouls.  Because of his attacking style where he often goes too fast, expect him to initially get called for charging fouls quite a bit.  NBA defenders will continuously slide under him as he jumps to the basket.  Hopefully, the NBA will make some rule changes with this and flopping.  Regardless, expect this to be an initial problem that MKG will adjust to.


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