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Kendall Marshall 2012 NBA Draft Scouting Report

July 8, 2012

Kendall Marshall

North Carolina
6-3 point guard
198 pounds

NBA projections as of June 28, 2012

Drafted 13th overall by the Phoenix Suns Prediction – July 8, 2012

Kendall Marshall will be a starting NBA point guard for many years.  He will belong on the upper half of point guards in the league.  He will be a top 10 to 15 point guard during his prime.  See his place in my future top point guard rankings.  See his positives below on what makes Kendall Marshall great.


1)   Difference Maker

  • He was the most important player in the UNC squad in his two seasons at Chapel Hill because he makes everyone around him better.  This was demonstrated in two different occasions. The first occasion was when he was inserted into the starting line-up as a freshman and the team took off.  The second occasion is when he got hurt in the 2012 NCAA Tournament and was unable to play.  The Tarheels were not the same without him.

2)   Student of the Game

  • On a Slam Online Article, we learn that Marshall is a student of the game.  A section of the article tells us that Marshall studies other NBA point guards. He specifically makes references to Rondo and his ball fakes.  This maybe a small detail, but this phrase says a lot about Marshall.  It means that 1) he studies the he studies other point guards, 2) studies the nuances and small details of the game, and 3) that he thinks about the game a lot outside of the basketball court. It tells us that he knows how to get better outside of the physical aspect of the game.  It tells us that he will put the mental work.  It tells us that he is intelligent and observant as well.  This is an aspect that most young point guards don’t have and aspects that don’t come natural to non-pure point guards.

3)   The desire to be great

  • You can say most people want to be great.  Who doesn’t? After Kendall Marshall broke the UNC single season record for assist, he made some statements that stood out to me. He said, “’One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is I don’t just want to be another player that played at Carolina. I don’t want to be just another basketball player. I want to be legendary, I want to be remembered – that’s something that means a lot to me.”

I am very high on Kendall Marshall.  However, he has limitations to his game for which I place him in the top 10 to 15 point guards and not more than that.  His specific areas of improvement are his shooting and defensive ability due to his lack of athleticism.  He will likely only make an impact on the offensive end but his shooting ability limits his potential to completely dominate offensively.

Kendall Marshall is a less athletic with less defensive ability version of Rajon Rondo.  See Kendall Marshall comparisons to other point guards.

As of July 8, 2012, Goran Dragic is projected to be ahead of Phoenix depth chart.  Even though Dragic was just given a huge contract, expect Marshall to overtake him within his 2nd or 3rd season.  If he doesn’t, some other team will want him to be their starting point guard.

Additionally, below is some of criteria of why I make this prediction. For further explanation on each criteria, read below. See Scouting Criteria page for my definitions and examples.

Aggressiveness – Moderate
Ability to Create Shots – Moderately High
Performance Against Top Players and Teams – Moderate
Mental Make-up – High

Performance in Big Games and Ranked Teams

Score: Moderate

We have two tables below.  First is Marshall’s per 30-minute averages in big games during his freshman year.  Second is Marshall’s per 30-minute averages in big game during his sophomore year.

As a freshman, Marshall for the most part played below his averages, especially during the post season (ACC and NCAA Tournament).  As a sophomore year, it was the exact opposite as he stepped out during the ACC and NCAA Tournament.  For this reason, we give him a moderate score

Freshman Year

Per 30 minutes G PTS AST FG%
Season 37 7.6 7.6 41.8%
Ranked Teams 5 8.9 6.6 41.4%
ACC and NCAA Tournament 7 6.3 7.6 30.2%

Sophomore Year

Per 30 minutes G PTS AST FG%
Season 36 7.4 8.9 46.7%
Ranked Teams 6 7.2 6.2 37.2%
ACC and NCAA Tournament 5 12.2 9.2 62.2%

Ability to Create Shots

Score: Moderately High

As a pure point guard, Marshall creates a lot of shots for his teammates.  He is the best passer in this draft.  He also demonstrates drive and dish ability. He is able to get to the basket because of his ball-handling ability and the fact that he is looking to pass with high frequency that the defender is occupied on whom he is going to pass to.

He also has the ability to create shots from himself because the defender has to account for his passing ability.


Score: Moderate

The measurement of aggressiveness for a pass first point guard is different than other positions or even a scoring point guard.  Watching tape of Kendall Marshall, he is definitely aggressive in attacking and setting up for other teammates.  Kendall needs to work on being a little more aggressive scoring to keep opposing teams honest.

Mental Make-up

Score: High

Kendall Marshall scores for the two reasons described above as a student of the game and the desire to be great.


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