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NBA Draft Winners: Four Win-Win Situations

June 29, 2012

1) Charlotte Bobcats and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Charlotte is good for MKG because his style suits playing with a scoring guard like Kemba Walker.  He fits better playing with Kemba than playing with John Wall on a half-court offense.

Kidd-Gilchrist is good for Charlotte because he complements Kemba Walker very well.  Bradley Beal doesn’t really complement Kemba.  MKG brings the Bobcats a winning attitude, a relentless motor, a team first attitude, and a competitive mean streak.  Thomas Robinson actually brings a lot of the same qualities in a position that they also need. MKG holds the edge over Robinson because he is the better player and complements Kemba very well.

2) Washington Wizards and Bradley Beal

Washington is good for Beal because his game currently fits better than he would have had he been drafted by Cleveland or Charlotte.  In Charlotte, they have Ben Gordon and Kemba Walker who are scoring guards.  In Cleveland, he would have been a decent fit.  However, Washington is the better fit with the ultra fast John Wall feeding him on the break.  Kyrie is a really good point guard but not as fast.

Beal is good for Washington because his shooting ability complements John Wall very well.  A Kidd-Gilchrist and Wall tandem would be amazing on the fast break.  However, they wouldn’t be very good in the half court as both don’t really shoot well.  Beal allows the Wizards to space the floor more.

3) Phoenix Suns and Kendall Marshall

Phoenix is good for Kendall Marshall because he perfectly fits the Sun’s style.  Marshall would have been good anywhere else but this offensive system will allow his full potential to be on display.  This is the perfect team for him as long as Alvin Gentry remains the head coach.

Marshall is good for Phoenix because it allows the Suns to keep the same system with or without Steve Nash.  Marshall is a pure point guard that makes everyone else around him better, similar to a Rajan Rondo.  Marshall was the only pure pass-first point guard in this draft.  The last few pure point guards were John Wall and Ricky Rubio.  Those two were higher picks.  Marshall is a bargain and fits right in.

4) Boston Celtics and Jared Sullinger

Boston is good for Sullinger for numerous reasons. First, he will play a slower paced half court style of basketball that suits his game.  Second, he gets to play with the best pure point guard in the game with Rajon Rondo.  He will give him a lot of easier shots.  Third, he gets to be coached by Doc Rivers who will understand how good his game is and will utilize him correctly. Fourth, we will get a chance to play.  With or without Garnett, he will play.

Sullinger is good for Boston because Sullinger is NBA ready compared to most of the players being picked mid to late first round.  If Garnett comes back, they’ve added a piece that can help now.  If Garnett doesn’t come back, then they have a new starting power forward that will allow them to keep playing their half court offense.

Photo Credit: Elsa/Getty Images North America

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