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Jared Sullinger versus Thomas Robinson

June 27, 2012

Despite the medical red flags on Jared Sullinger’s back, I still have him ahead of Thomas Robinson on my top 30 as of 6/27/12.  On my separate posts on the career predictions for Jared Sullinger and Thomas Robinson, I give Thomas Robinson very high scores in my 4 criterias, higher than Sullinger.  Yet, I still rank Sullinger ahead of Thomas Robinson.  Here are my main reasons for having Sullinger ahead of Robinson:

  • Sullinger’s post up game:  Nobody in this draft has what he currently possess. Only Anthony Davis might develop a post up game. This is so important because an offense can run an offense through Sullinger and create open shots for other players.  Robinson’s post up and face up game is likely to develop but not as well as Sullinger because of the next section below.
  • Reliance of athleticism and Health: Sullinger’s back problems might cut his career peak shorter.  However, Sullinger’s game is based on skill.  He has already survived his sophomore year with these problems. He should continue to adapt to his physical limitations.  On the other hand, Thomas Robinson is definitely more athletic than Sullinger.  His game relies too much on his athletic ability and speed, not skill. With his all out intensity in the way he plays basketball, an 82 game NBA season will wear his body out.  He has already repaired a meniscus tear in his right knee during his sophomore year. Another injury will severely hurt the level of his game whereas it is not as bad for Sullinger.

On my initial prediction of Thomas Robinson’s career, I compared him to Paul Millsap. I expect him to be similar to Millsap until he sustains an injury.  I can’t explain it and I don’t wish it on Thomas Robinson but to me, he seems like a guy who will sustain a significant injury based on the way he plays.  The more I think about it, I revise my prediction of Robinson’s overall career with injuries that will limit his game and have career more similar to Kenyon Martin.  He will start very solid, sustain some injury and become a lesser but still solid version of his old self.

Photo Credit: (March 30, 2012 – Source: Chris Graythen/Getty Images North America)

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