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Jeremy Lamb: 2012 NBA Draft Scouting Report

May 22, 2012

Jeremy Lamb

6-5 shooting guard
185 pounds

NBA projections as of May 22, 2012 – 7th overall – 10th overall
ESPN’s Chad Ford – 11th overall Prediction – May 23, 2012

Jeremy Lamb is one of the safer picks of this draft. He will be a very solid two-guard in the NBA for many years.  Lamb should average 18 to 20 points for majority of his NBA season.  You are looking at an efficient guard that will help floor spacing and not take an offense out of rhythm by going too much one-on-one basketball.  He fits more of a no. 2 scoring option as opposed to being to go-to-guy and he plays like he knows it.  We are looking at a career that is less than Reggie Miller’s but better than Richard Hamilton’s, especially from an efficiency standpoint.

He does not have Dion Waiters’ potential and upside but he is a safe and solid pick than any team would be happy to have.

Additionally, below is some of criteria of why I think he will be very sold.  See further explanation on each criteria, read below. See Scouting Criteria page for my definitions and examples.

Aggressiveness – Moderate
Ability to Create Shots – Moderate
Performance Against Top Players and Teams – Moderate
Mental Make-up – Moderate


Jeremy Lamb’s aggressiveness is moderate.  Of the top 4 shooting guards, Lamb is certainly less aggressive than Dion Waiters or Austin Rivers.  See per 30-minute averages below.

Player Avg FGA Avg FTA AST TO
Dion Waiters 12.0 4.0 3.1 1.6
Brad Beal 9.3 4.1 1.9 1.8
Jeremy Lamb 10.8 2.9 1.4 1.6
Austin Rivers 10.7 4.9 1.9 2.1

It is also interesting to see how Jeremy Lamb’s role changed from his freshman to his sophomore year.  As a freshman, he was the no. 2 option next to Kemba Walker.  As a sophomore, he was the no. 1 option.  By looking at his per 30-minute averages below, we learn that he played a bit more aggressive as a sophomore by taking 1 more shot per game and almost doubling his average free throw attempts per game.

Despite the increase in aggressiveness, he still was not aggressive enough given that Lamb’s aggressive numbers are still below Austin Rivers who is also the number 1 option on his team but only a freshman.  I would have expected a significant increase not a mild increase given that Connecticut actually needed him to be more aggressive as they were not winning compared to their preseason expectations.  Additionally, we see that his offensive rating only slightly decreased despite increase in his offensive role, which is a normal correlation.  What we learn is that Jeremy Lamb’s preference of efficiency over aggressiveness.  If there was a time for Lamb to be more aggressive, this would have been it and yet he did not take the opportunity.  We also learn that Jeremy Lamb is really suited to being a no. 2 option, not a no. 1 option.

Freshman 9.8 1.5 1.7 1.4 116.6
Sophomore 10.8 2.9 1.4 1.6 115.4

Performance in Big Games and Ranked Teams

Jeremy Lamb scores moderate.  I evaluated Jeremy Lamb’s performance in the big stage (tournament games and against ranked opponents) and compared it to his season averages.  I also looked at his per 30-minute averages so I don’t overemphasize on the number of points scored just because he played more minutes.

The first two tables below takes a look at Lamb’s sophomore year.  Here is what we learn about Jeremy:

  • He does not step up or down to the level of competition.  He pretty much plays the same level in bigger games and against better competition.
Games Points FGA FG%
Season 34 14.3 10.8 47.8%
Ranked Teams 6 13.8 10.6 45.1%
Tournament Games 4 14.2 10.8 50.0%
Season 2.9 1.4 1.6
Ranked Teams 2.7 0.8 1.5
Tournament Games 2.2 1.3 1.3

The next two tables below takes a look at Lamb’s freshman year.  Here is what we learn about Jeremy:

  • He improved as the year progressed.
  • His improved play most likely had a significant impact in Connecticut’s run to the championship.
  • His play during the Big East and NCAA Tournament mirrors his sophomore year a lot.  He actually shot the ball better in those last 11 games validating that he is more suited as a second option on an offense.
Season 41 12.0 9.8 48.7%
Ranked Teams- 1st half of season 5 7.8 7.4 40.0%
Ranked Teams- 2nd half of season 6 11.2 10.2 46.3%
Big East Tournament 5 13.9 10.0 51.0%
NCAA Tournament 6 13.9 8.9 58.1%
Season 1.6 1.7 1.4
Ranked Teams- 1st half of season 1.5 1.1 1.5
Ranked Teams- 2nd half of season 0.8 1.8 0.9
Big East Tournament 3.3 1.4 2.0
NCAA Tournament 2.3 1.4 0.7

Ability to Create Shots

Jeremy Lamb has a moderate ability to create shots.  Lamb is definitely an excellent scorer who thrives coming off screens.  However, watching tape, he actually possess some ability to create his own shot by using the pick and roll.  His athletic ability also allows him to get his own shot.

Mental Make-up

Jeremy Lamb scores moderate in this area as well.  I don’t find much about him and his mental make-up.  One positive that I found is that he is the son of “America’s Character Coach” and appears to have a solid upbringing and character because of this.


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