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Andre Drummond 2012 NBA Draft Scouting Report

May 20, 2012

Andre Drummond

6-10 power forward/center
270 pounds

NBA projections as of May 20, 2012 – 3rd overall – 2nd overall

From Prediction – May 20, 2012

In my personal opinion, after analyzing Andre Drummond, I predict that he will be a bust in the NBA.  The physical gifts are obvious.  His athleticism is off the charts for a player of his size.  He has the speed to get up and down the floor.  However, Drummond can’t shot.  His ball handling skills are poor. Typically, players of his physical skills are greater defenders in college.  Yet, Drummond seems only average defensively in college and will be even worse in the NBA.

Andre Drummond is most often compared to Amare Stoudemire.  He is as athletically gifted as Stoudemire coming out of high school.  However, he isn’t the same skilled player that Amare was. Coming out of high school, Amare had high ball-handling skills for a big man and possessed a decent shooting stroke.  Drummond has neither.

Some might say that Drummond still needs time to develop.  However, the fact that neither his ball handling skills nor shooting stroke is even average level is alarming. He certainly can develop given dedication and proper coaching.  I just don’t think it will happen given the lack of any development at this point of his career where he should have at least showed some signs of progress.

Additionally, he seems to have the same defensive characteristics of Amare Stoudemire, which is not a complement.  He gets rebounds and blocks due to his athleticism.  However, he seems to be defensively out of position often.  I think this is consistent with his low basketball IQ.

To me, Drummond looks more comparable to a DeAndre Jordan.  Drummond has a tidbit more offensive skills but significantly less defensive skills.

Additionally, below is some of criteria of why I think he is likely to be a bust. further explanation on each criteria, read below. See Scouting Criteria page for my definitions and examples.

Aggressiveness – Moderate
Ability to Create Shots – Poor  
Performance Against Top Players and Teams – Inconsequential
Mental Make-up – Moderate 

Other Criteria
Outside Shooting Ability – Poor
Ball Handling – Poor

Ability to create shots

Andre Drummond scores low in this area.  Watching video of Drummond, he can’t create his own shot.  As a big man, he has no post up or face up skills.  His points come from catch-and-dunks and alley-ops. I’ve seen some post up sequences but he doesn’t really do much.  He just basically turns and shots.

The reason why Drummond is unable to create shots is because he has poor ball handling skills.

Mental Make-up

I give Drummond a score of neutral in this area.  I has some data and am unable at this point what to make out of Andre Drummond.

There are two events that I’m not sure if I give value or not.  First, Drummond gave up his scholarship for a teammate.  The article says that he gave it up for the right reasons.  I wonder if it was just done as a publicity stunt.  I don’t know the entire background to the story as it possibly really did not matter as Drummond or his teammate would have had financial aid as the alternative anyway.

Second, the entire process of Drummond picking a college or even when he will go to College seems a bit off.  Is Drummond confused and doesn’t know what he really wants? Or is it his family deciding for him and he is just following?  The entire process seems strange for one of the best high school players, as going to one of the top basketball schools should be a non-brainer decision.


Andre Drummond’s aggressiveness is moderate.  His average field goal and free throw attempts per game are actually low.  However, after watching tape, I believe it is more of a function that he isn’t really able to create his own shot as opposed to lack of aggressiveness.

Performance against ranked opponents

This area isn’t really as important to analyze Drummond as this point as he is unable to create hos own shot.

Photo Credit: Jessica Hill, Associated Press / AP2012


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