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Doron Lamb: 2012 NBA Draft Scouting Report

April 20, 2012

Doron Lamb

6-4 Guard
210 pounds

NBA Projections as of April 19, 2012 – 24th overall – 33rd overall Prediction as of April 19, 2012

The Doron Lamb prediction is not anything special.  He will be a rotation player in the NBA.  He might start for a few teams but it will be based on the fit.  An ideal scenario for him is to play with a ball dominant small forward or shooting guard where his shooting ability will give a team better floor spacing.  He can play a Mario Chalmers role though he can’t quite defend or handle the ball quite as good as Chalmers.


Lamb is moderately aggressive.  He takes good shots that are within the offense. Calculating his average shot attempts per 40 minutes, Lamb ranks second on the team.  See table below.  As you can see, Kentucky’s shot distribution is pretty even and Lamb certainly does not shy away.

Terrence Jones 12.7
Doron Lamb 11.8
Marquis Teague 10.8
Anthony Davis 10.5
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 10.5
Darius Miller 11.6

Ability to create shots

Lamb’s ability to create a shot is moderate. Watching tape on Lamb, it doesn’t seem like he is able to create shots on his own.  I saw some exceptions. Occasionally, he has shown the ability to run the pick and roll and get to the basket.  Occasionally, he can also pick his spots and attack the rim.  However, he doesn’t appear to be thinking of getting to the basket as much as Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Marquis Teague.  Surprisingly, Lamb attempts 3.7 free throws a game, which is 4th on the team.  One would think that his free throw attempts per game would be closer to Darius miller at 1.7 and not to Terrence Jones at 4.2 free throw attempts per game .  This indicates that he is crafty and good at creating fouls.

Performance against the best teams and players

What stands out is Lamb’s 22 points and 3 3-pointers against Kansas in the champion ship.  Overall, Lamb does play better than average against better competition.

In general, I don’t think this criterion is particularly important in assessing Lamb’s ability as he will not be a number 1, 2 or 3 option in the NBA. The most important take away about him is that we know he is not afraid of the moment and that he will not disappear in big games.

Mental Make-up

On this area, I give Lamb a neutral rating, leaning on the positive side.  I don’t read about anything negative or highly positive.  I haven’t read about any situation that he went through some tough times and how he responded to it.

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