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Jeff Withey: 2013 NBA Draft Scouting Report

April 15, 2012

Jeff Withey

7-0 Center
235 pounds

NBA projections as of April 15, 2012 – 32nd overall for 2013 NBA Draft – 18th overall for 2013 NBA Draft Prediction as of April 15, 2012

I predict that Jeff Withey will become a very good defender in the NBA.  He will be a very good back-up center.  He might even start for a few teams.  However, starting does not really matter for centers, as there are plenty of token starter that don’t play more than half of the game.

For Withey’s NBA career projection, think one similar and comparable to Chicago’s Omer Asik, who is defensively very underrated as well.  This is a compliment to Withey.  Additionally, see my post on “Jeff Withey is Underrated, an Elite Defender” which lists why his defensive skills will translate very well in the NBA.

Offensively, I do not think Withey will be able to score in the NBA regardless of what happens next season in Kansas.  I do not see him having a post game that will translate well to the NBA. Interestingly enough, Withey has an excellent shooting form as evidence that coach Bill Self chooses him at times to shoot technical free throws.  This is important because even though we won’t post up, he will eventually be able to make uncontested 10 to 15 foot jumpers as he has the stroke for it.

The reasons why I make this prediction is explained below. See Scouting Criteria for my definitions and examples.


As this area concentrates on offensive aggressiveness, I will not spend time for Withey here.  I do not think he will do anything offensively in the NBA.  It is in the defensive end that he leaves his mark.

Ability to create shots

See above section.  I won’t spend any time here.

Performance against the best teams and players

Defensively, Jeff Withey scores really high on this section.  See post on “Jeff Withey is Underrated, an Elite Defender” which breakdown how well he has done against the top college basketball big men.

Mental Make-up

On this area, I don’t have much information as of today.  I don’t see too many people writing articles on Jeff Withey.

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