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Marquis Teague: One More Year Will Do You Good!

April 9, 2012

Current NBA Draft Projections as of April 9, 2012 – 27th overall – 18th overall

Marquis Teague is a player that I really think should stay one more year.  First, he is currently projected mid-to-late first round as shown above.  In my opinion, he is better than that.  With the 2012 NBA draft as deep as it is and the current eligible players for the 2013 NBA draft seeming a significantly weaker class, he stands to significantly improve his draft stock by staying one more year.  See prediction for Marquis Teague.

Second, he would greatly benefit from another year of coaching from Coach Calipari.  Coming out of high school, Teague had a scorer’s mentality.  During his freshman year in Kentucky, he went through some tough times and learning how to convert himself into a true point guard.  He would greatly benefit in being able to finally play without having to think of when to pass and when to shoot.  Another year will really do him good.  People can argue that he can continue learning this in the NBA, but this is a bit of a risk.  If he were guaranteed to learn from a coach like Greg Popovich, then yes, I should go.  However, there is a risk in ending up in the wrong situation.  Additionally, if leaves and gets drafted in mid-to-late first round, he will likely go to a team that is either battling to get into the playoffs or is contending and will not be as accommodating in letting him learn on the job with significant minutes early on.

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