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Marquis Teague: 2012 NBA Draft Scouting Report

April 9, 2012

Marquis Teague

University of Kentucky
6-2 point guard
189 pounds

NBA Projections as of April 9, 2012 – 27th overall – 18th overall

Prediction as of April 9, 2012

I predict that Teague will be around the 8th to 15th best point guard for most of his NBA Career.  If he stays one more year under Coach Calipari in Kentucky, he gets closer to 8th.  If he leaves, he gets closer to 15th best.  See Marquis Teague: One More Year Will Do You Good!

The reason why Teague will not be considered an elite level point guard is because he lacks the athleticism of a Derek Rose or a John Wall.  He does not possess a true pass-first point guard mentality of a Steve Nash or a Ricky Rubio.  Instead, he will be a converted pass-first point guard who is decently athletic.  He will become a very good player.  He has a chance to be a Tony Parker.  He should go on to be better than his brother Jeff Teague and should at the very least equal fellow wildcat Brandon Knight.  His career numbers should hover around 16 points and 6 assists per game if he gets to start by his second year.

Additionally, see below as to why I make this prediction.  See Scouting Criteria for my definitions and examples.


Marquis Teague is an aggressive basketball player.  At first, Teague’s adjustment from high school to college was a little tough as Coach Calipari was teaching him how to become a pure point guard.  His aggression factor was reined a little bit as he was learning how to play within the system.  He has a natural aggressive tendency.

Ability to Create Shots

Teague gets high marks in this area. This is a vastly underrated part of his game that will translate very well in the NBA. In the several Kentucky games that I saw, there was also a portion of the game were Teague gets to the basket.  Additionally, when he got to the basket, he did it under control utilizing his ball handling skills.  He also displayed the ability to create shots for teammates due to his dribble-drive penetration.

Performance against the best teams and players

Marquis Teague did not score well on this area.  I would actually give him a “N/A” for the time being.  I am giving him a pass as he is trying to change his mentality from a shot-first to a pass-first point guard during his freshman season. I would really like to see him return to school and see how he does in this area.

At the moment, Marquis seems to be indifferent to the situation.  He neither rises to nor steps down from the level of his competition.  He did play slightly better than the NCAA tournament.  However, for the most part, his inconsistency is just a function of his point guard mentality transition.





Nov-Dec (KAN, UNC, IND, LOU)




SEC Conference Play




NCAA Tournament




Mental Make-up

Marquis Teague scores high on this area.

“One of the most coachable guys I’ve had” and “pit bull” are two phrases mentioned by Coach Calipari that describes Teague’s strong mental make-up.  He was a score first point guard that experienced some growing pains transitioning to a pass first point guard.  See Andy Staples’ article on his development at Kentucky.

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